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Institute for the Caribbean and Suriname

INTERPOINT is the development institute for the Caribbean and Suriname. We stimulate development in the region by answering local issues with the expertise of the international business community. We do this with, among others, renowned trainers and consultants from the Netherlands. We offer targeted solutions for capacity development on a personal, organizational and national level. In doing so, we help governments and organizations in all industries with a wide range of business and policy issues.

Only the best trainers

Training with impact

Small groups



INTERPOINT helps organizations, teams and individuals successfully develop productivity, relationships and quality. We do this by:


  • Inventarisatie

  • Identificatie

  • Inspiratie

  • Implementatie 

  • Integratie

INTERPOINT offers training and education to individuals (open enrollment) and tailored to organizations (in-company). Our experienced International trainers are specialized in specific industries. The approach leads to concrete and measurable results. But INTERPOINT does more than provide training; we are your advisor and partner in development projects, both in breadth and depth.


We involve as many stakeholders within the organization as possible in the training program. This increases the return on investment and the programs are widely supported and well integrated into the rest of the organization.


In addition, our consultancy practice supports our clients in specific issues, such as market developments, recruitment and interim management. Finally, we offer our expertise as a cooperation partner for institutional parties in developing broad educational programs with social benefit and economic return.


INTERPOINT has a thorough knowledge of the islands in the Caribbean and Suriname, both economically and culturally. We work fast, with passion and have a pragmatic approach. Employees at INTERPOINT have love for the profession and are therefore flexible and driven to give you and your organization insight into your processes and management. As a result, your employees will pursue your organizational goals in a short period of time.





  • Management & Leadership

  • Oil & Gas

  • Human Resources & Skills

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance

  • Project management

  • Get to the heart of issues quickly;

  • Confidence in people's potential;

  • Focus on the practical situation of the participants;

  • Person-centered;

  • Openness in feedback to participants; Direct, but always respectful.

Promoting growth, development and change requires a great deal of self-awareness. At INTERPOINT, we believe that nothing is impossible, and that capable, skillful people are the key to a better quality of life for all. Culture, attitude, knowledge, responsibility, integrity, the ability to act - many factors play a role in building capacity and empowering people worldwide. We are passionate about bringing positive change and work with ministries, agencies and charities to achieve this.

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

Giving back



Interpoint has " giving back to the community" anchored in its mission. 1% of total labor hours, working capital and/or products and solutions thereby structurally benefit non-profit institutions on the various islands and Suriname.

Giving back to the community contributes to the development of the country. Our Giving Back is successful thanks to the commitment of very active and involved trainers and consultants. They invest time, energy and attention, giving something back to society.

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