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Project management

Effectively managing projects


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Project-based work is an increasingly important component within organizations. In large part, this is driven by an increasing need for innovation as well as process improvements. But, how do you ensure that projects run effectively and successfully? How do you organize a project team and project structure? And, how do you manage progress and keep control over resources, costs and time? In this training 'Project Management' you will learn how to set up a project, make a thorough project plan and schedule and communicate clearly and transparently. You will learn how to bind and commit all parties involved. You learn how to manage and monitor deadlines. In short: you learn how to successfully take leadership and steer projects to the desired result.

Something for you

'Project Management' training is for professionals, who will be responsible and in charge of a project. Also for those who want to strengthen their project management skills.



You have learned which components are critical to setting up successful projects. You are able to work project-based. You have learned to draw up a thorough project plan. You have gained insight into the interests within projects and how to involve and connect stakeholders. You have learned to clearly manage and communicate your expectations. You are able to manage the progress within projects and keep control over possible risks such as budget overrun and time loss.

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