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Strategic HR policies

Optimally responding to a changing HRM landscape


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Today's economy and job market demand a lot from organizations. Changes follow each other rapidly and have become a constant factor. A strategic Human Resource policy, in order to optimally respond to these changes, is therefore crucial. It is also a challenge to align this policy at the strategic level with the outlined vision, mission and strategy of your organization.


In this training we will discuss how to get the people within your organization committed to strategic choices. But also; what are the future influences from the labor market on employees and organizations and how do you anticipate on this. A training in which we also discuss the desired leadership and the desired work environment to be successful in a continuously changing labor market. And we discuss the crucial role you as an HRM manager can play in this.


Something for you

The "Strategic Human Resource Policy" training is designed for HRM managers with several years of experience.


After this training you will be able to take on an important, strategic role within your organization as an HRM manager. You develop your analytical ability, which is necessary to be able to spar as a strategic discussion partner within the MT and/or Management Board. You are able to set out a long-term Human Resource policy, integrating the most important themes. You know how to formulate and set clear objectives and how to manage progress based on key performance indicators. In short, an HRM manager who is ready for the extremely challenging issues of the current and future labor market.

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