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Finance for the non-financial manager

Become a full-fledged interlocutor


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As a manager, you are regularly confronted with the financial and economic policies within your organization. In doing so, you need to see through the financial consequences of decisions. Still, dissecting budgets and budgets is a difficult puzzle for many a manager, let alone one who is comfortable thinking, talking and deciding during meetings. In the training course "Finance for Non-Financial Managers," you will learn to read and dissect financial reports. You will be able to be a critical and full-fledged discussion partner for colleagues and parties with a financial background.

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The training course "Finance for Non-Financial Managers" is designed for managers and professionals who operate from a non-financial background. Managers who want to be a full interlocutor in the financial field and be able to substantiate their policies.



After this training you will be able to think, talk and decide fully with colleagues and parties with a financial background. You have insight into and knowledge of financial management. In addition, you have insight into numerical overviews, such as balance sheet and income statement, financial ratios, budgets and budgets. You can make simple cost calculations and revenue and price calculations and see through the relationships. And you are able to substantiate your investment plans financially.

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