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Leadership Presentation


Leidership versus management

Steer or let go


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It is perhaps one of the most discussed topics within today's management landscape: leadership. But what is leadership? What is the difference between leadership and management? What is the effect of leadership? And, is leadership teachable? During the "Leadership versus Management" training, we will discuss the differences between leadership and management. You will learn the importance of developing strong leadership qualities. Using contemporary insights and research, you will test your own practical situations. A training in which you will search for your ideal leadership style under the guidance of an experienced leadership trainer.

Something for you

"Leadership versus Management" training is designed for managers, project managers and change managers.



After the "Leadership versus Management" training, you are able to take on a strong and decisive leadership role. You have learned how to self-consciously take control and responsibility and to bestow it. In addition, you are able to create a clear vision and strategy in which individuals play an optimal role.

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