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Change management

Successfully managing change processes


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Change is the rule rather than the exception. Most likely, your organization is also in a change process. Successfully managing change processes requires the necessary knowledge and leadership. Research shows that the majority (71%) of change processes do not achieve the intended result. What does make a change process successful? What does it take to get results and to get those involved intrinsically motivated to participate in a change? How do you prevent employees from becoming change fatigued? During the training "Change Management" we treat a series of components based on contemporary theories and insights. Starting point during the entire training is the applicability within your own practical situation.

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"Change Management" training is designed for managers, executives, project leaders, project managers and in-house consultants.



You have learned how to take leadership during change processes. In addition, you are able to successfully manage and supervise processes. You have mastered the necessary insights and knowledge for effective change management. And you are able to generate optimal support and commitment. You also know how to deal with resistance and objections and how to turn them into intrinsic motivation. You are able to clearly communicate a vision and its goals. And finally, you are able to profile yourself during change processes and learn how to influence people and situations.

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